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Marvin (CoachM100), I am a Breakthrough Health and Life Coach and I help individuals make habit changes that enable them to increase their energy, lose weight, and transform their lives.

I have coached hundreds of people over the last 30 years to help men and women have the breakthrough that they have anticipated.

My wife and I serve the Domestic Violence Community of San Fernando Valley. We provide music, health and wellness along with providing homeopathic solutions to survivors of Domestic Violence, relating to food, internal health and inner beauty. The music composition provides a healing component to those who are sheltered for safety. The coaching enables survivors to live their best, new, renewed life.

The Love IS Foundation was founded by my wife and I and our foundation has helped men and women, who are Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Survivors, in need of makeovers, court resources and shelter information. We are a liaison organization working with our Community Partners in The San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. We are proud to be committed to helping this very special community and putting forth initiatives in Congress to keep our community safe.

I have spent over thirty years as an operational leader, educator, self help advocate, coach activist, and implementation specialist.

Today, I offer a wide range of programs and services – from individual coaching, group coaching, community coaching and public service coaching.

To contact me, Marvin (CoachM100), please email or call