I have to express that since my time being coached by Coach M100, Mr.Marvin Speller, I have learned the process of self care and healing from the inside out from my mind to my soul. My testimony is longer then any recommendations, so in brief I can say that if Coach M100, MARVIN SPELLER, could bring me and my TEAM OF ISSUES on a journey of self discovering, healthy living, and healing, into a brighter future, then I CAN ATTEST…he is truly the G.O.A.T Life Coach!! I have been blessed to be on his winning team!! And recommend every and anyone to join his team! See for yourself. You will discover an easier way to a happier, productive, HEALTHY way of life!!!!!

Malinda P.

Marvin, you helped me see my full potential in myself!! You guided me and coached me through my journey as a manager and in my personal life. You lead me down a path of inter growth and positivity. This is so cliche but I dont know where I would be without you.

Deborah W.

Coach M100 has an impactful approach that is effective and genuine because he speaks from the soul. He leaves a lasting impression that inspires and motivates others to accomplish their goals.

Kevin S.

I worked for and with Marvin, CoachM100, during his time as a manager with Starbucks. Marvin's calm demeanor during stressful times, and firm leadership of our store, lead us to some great successes not only in business, but also in building us up as a team. Marvin was always willing to roll up his sleeves and lead by example, and that was so powerful for all of us. For me personally, Marvin was definitely a fantastic coach and mentor, as he is really fantastic about sharing positive ways to change/redirect what you are doing to better reach your goals and strive for excellence. His positive leadership style is one that I have always done my best to emulate in my own leadership experiences. So, to him I would say "Thank You for being such a wonderful leader and helping me to learn what a great leader looks like Marvin!"

Tia Tremblay G.